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Wooden Toy Soldier Set

Wooden Toy Soldier Set

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HAND-CUT AND HAND-PAINTED Wooden Toy Soldiers! Perfect for indoor or outdoor as it has been sprayed with a water based polyurethane coat.


•MATERIAL: Birchwood, Acrylic paint

•SIZE: 25 1/4 inch x 11 inch x 3/4 inch


1. Maintain Ideal Humidity-Birchwood can be sensitive to changes in humidity. To prevent cracking or warping, maintain a consistent humidity level in your home. Using a humidifier or dehumidifier may be necessary in extreme conditions.

2. Protect from Scratches- Place decorative items on soft, non-abrasive surfaces to prevent scratches. Felt pads or coasters can be used under objects that may come in contact with the birchwood.

3. Handle with Care- When moving or repositioning your birchwood decor, lift and support it from the base or sturdiest parts to prevent stress on any delicate components.

4. Rejuvenate the Finish- Over time, you may want to refresh the finish of your decor.

5. Store Properly- If you need to store your decor, do so in a cool, dry place, away from extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture.


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